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SamePeriodLastYear Doesn't Work

I have a test dataset with sales figures. I have also created a date table. I am trying to get the sales from the same period last year but the function sameperiodlastyear doesn't work as expected.


Instead of giving me blanks, it shifts dates to the next year and then gives me sales and the sales for same period last year.


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Hello Amol,

I am using sameperiodlastyear DAX formula in my report and it works fine. Can you give me more details.

E.g we used for our fiance dashboard to compare revenue and profit with last year business.

1)If i select current year (1st Jan-19 to 26th Jun-19 ) then sameperiodlastyear formulla gives data for last year (1st Jan-18 to 26th Jan-18) .


Please let me know if i understood anything wrong.