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SSRS Mobile Reports: cached datasets with parameters not rendering on Android

Dear Community,


Android PBI app version: 111792.

iPhone PBI app version: 14.4

SSRS Mobile reports:


In case if dataset is cached in SSRS:

1) When dataset is without parameters: then everything works well in both Android and iPhone. Reports are rendering.

2) When dataset is parameterized: then works on iPhone only. Android shows visuals and continious progress bar in each component - endless, not able to retrieve data.

   There is no difference if default value kept in dataset parameter or another parameter value defined (with cache refresh for  parameter) in Mobile Report designer dataset options -> Android not able to render.


For now, to be able have SSRS Mobile Reports working on Android and using dataset caching functionality: separate datasets for each report has to be created with no parameters. No option to prepare one dataset with different parameters, cache, and re-use mobile reports with different parameter values.

Uncomfortable from design/management perspective, when have to have a lot of identical datasets where difference is only filters that need to be applied on dataset level. Change in one - means a lot of work changing it everywhere...


Problem is related to Android. On iPhone/iPad everything works fine, with parameters. 

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Hi @Lola,


Which Power BI report server version do you run? How about the result after upgrade report server to October version


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Not running Power BI Report Server. 

Running Reporting Servicies SSRS 2016 SP1 CU5.