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SSO connection via PowerBI Gateway possible for SAP BW on Linux server

Hi everyone,


we tried to configure Single sign-on from PowerBI to our SAP BW system (on linux redhat) via the on-premises gateway (windows) following this documentation (link: Unfortunately, we are not able to connect with the SSO feature. Did we understand correctly, that only the GSSKRB5.DLL and GX64KRB5.DLL  are supported by PowerBI at the moment? 
Because we are using linux we can only use the common crypto lib from SAP. Is there any chance to configure the SSO feature in our scenario? Or if not, do you have any clue when this feature will be available?


Many thanks for your answers!


Best regards,


Status: Delivered

Hi @agiedt ,


For this question, I would suggest you create a support ticket for more professional advice.

Support Ticket.gif


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Status changed to: Delivered