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SSAS Report Level Measures Formatting Doesn't Save

We have a report that connects to a SSAS tabular model using Direct Query. In order to make some of our measure names more user friendly in a report, we created some Report Level Measures (the new feature in the May release of Power BI desktop) and formatted those new measures appropriately (whole number with commas, decimal numbers with commas and two digits after the decimal, percentages, etc.) but we lose that formatting after saving and re-opening the file. We also lose the formatting after publishing the report to the Power BI service on the web.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any known work arounds?

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We are also facing the same issue. Number format set to % is reverting back to default decimal number. 

This is blocking us a lot in using the report level measures. 

@ Power BI team: will this be fixed in June 2017 release/update?


I have also encountered this issue and have been unable to come up with a suitable work around. 

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@matgrisham @samschwartz @Ramuk


This issue has already been reported to Power BI team internally: CRI 37312059

Please refer to this threadFix will be available in June 2017 release.


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Thanks v-haibl-msft & vicky_song for your immediate update on this issue and the action on it. 





Do we need to republish the PBI reports after we install the June Power BI desktop update or it would automatically fix the issue in the reports?