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SQLdumper crashes PowerBI Client

Im Still getting SQLdump crashes when Im working with PowerBI. 

Some times its when Im working with the Queries, and other times its when Im working with Measures. 
Its super frustrating, since some work is lost, but mainly because I have to reload all the data, and waste alot of worktime, and workflow doing so. 

Please Help.
dump screen shot.png

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Thanks Mike_Honey!

But still we are facing the problem in the latest July version too.


Bummer ...


Just keep hitting Save all the time then I guess ...

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I was working with Microsoft support on this issue. It looks like the issue is coming from our M intellisense feature. They asked us to disable this feature as a workaround and try out.


Well Im not using M-intellesense. Already disabled since its annoying and makes PBI lagg when Im writing my M.

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Still facing the issue in the September release.  

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