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SQL Data Loaded into Query Editor & minor tansformation Not pushed to PBI model


  • I have pulled in a dataset using SQL code.
  • I have performed minor enhancements after it's pulled into the Query Editor (example: Unique Key)
  • I have Closed & Applied the data to load to the PBI model
  • Total dataset is 40 columns +/- by 800k rows


  1. Not all records make it to the PBI model - I can visually verify that having filtered the data down in Query Editor (5 records in Query Editor to 2 records the ultimately got loaded)
  2. PBI is somehow transforming raw data value fields' values.. Not in all cases - just in a few. No additional joins or duplicates from joins were possible

This is a big problem if totals summing stuff up simply do not work or data is simply missing completely.


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Hi @JosephK,


1. Which Power BI desktop version did you run? How about the result when you try the latest version 2.49.4831.521 64-bit (August 2017).


2. Please check if the issue happens when you get data from this specific data. You can try to get data from other SQL table.


3. Please check if the issue related to the second step (I have performed minor enhancements after it's pulled into the Query Editor (example: Unique Key)). You can jump this step, just get data then apply the change to see if the same issue occurs.


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I have tried unique keys.. I have even slimmed the data down to records related to a series of keys (5) that all relate to the same account. I can physically see the five in query editor preview not in the dataset report viviews. Regardless of how I manipulate and get data, the same issue occurs.


Yes I have upgrade to August's version. With so many problems occuring with Microsoft, the environment, data publishing issues, premium workspaces unable to be created, and more going on with, I wonder if this isn't part of it.