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Right click menu is not pop up for drill through

We have a report with drill through enabled from matrix cells :  . It is working fine until this morning. The right click menu is not pop up any more. Failed on both edge and chrome. The report is working fine on local desktop. Also tried to republish the report still has the same issue. Please help to check what could be wrong.

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@yahuang ,


I have made a test but was not able to reproduce it. The "drillthrough" option can be selected on power bi service. I would suggest you clear the browser cache and check if this issue persists.



Jimmy Tao


Hi, @v-yuta-msft :


Thanks for looking into it. I’ve tried to clear browser cache, open in private window .. all these cannot work. And it can be repro by at 3 of other devs. I’ve share the report to you and would you mind to check what could be wrong?


Btw, I did find a work around by turning on “Drill Through” from the “Explore” drop down. And then use LEFT click to drill through. Is this a expected feature change?


Hi, @v-yuta-msft :


Would you mind to look into the issue again? It has been 5 days now and a lot of ppl has been impacted. 





I too have the same sceanrio. I have tried different browsers with no luck. I converted the matrix to a table, republished and drill through works. 


Hi, Shanej:


Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, we cannot change out matrix to table. We do need help from PowerBI service team to see if there is any scenario break change on 


Agreed that this is not a fix. Just documented that it is in fact a Matrix issue and a cache refresh won't resolve. I need this fixed as well. 


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Same issue in all our reports. Drillthrough in Matrix works in Desktop client, but not in Web. 

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Same issue, right-clicking in a matrix doesn't do anything in web report (both Chrome and IE). Everything working as usual in desktop.

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I have same issue. Yesterday my Drill Through was working today it is not. I just deployed new drill through functionality to our team and suddenly not working. Not Good.

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Further comment. I used Google Chrome and also tried it in Edge same problem. No right click on my drill through columns. I am using February 2020 as my desktop version. A few days ago I was using December. It updated recently and I am not sure whether that had anything to do with the issue.