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Right-Click Drill through not working in published report

I've noticed that the right-click drill-through is no longer working in published reports.     The menu doesn't appear on right-click.      It was working fine last week I believe


It works as expected in Desktop and also PBIS



Many of our users rely on the drill-though functionality to view line level detail


Hopefully it can be corrected soon







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My issue relates to Google Chrome only.    The drill-through is working fine with Internet Explorer/Edge

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I'm on a MacBook, and neither Safari nor Chrome is working!


Hi @RyanBentham@JorgeR,


Did the issue happen to Power BI service reports or publish to web reports? 


I tested today, the Drill through is available when we right click on like in Power BI desktop. Please test again in your environment. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft


It was just an issue with publish to web reports.   It appeared to work ok in Internet Explorer and Edge but not with Chrome or Safari


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......just following up


All seem to be working now.     Do you know if something was done over the weekend?    Either way,  it wlooks like the issue has been resolved.  I will continue to monitor though




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I am seeing the same issue on the table visual.  Right-clicking does not show the context menu when we first come to the report.  If we click "Refresh" at the top of the report, the context menu will then show as expected and we can drill-through to another report page.  Issue exists in Chrome, IE, and Edge.