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Right-Click Drill-Down on Matrix not working as expected

Dealing with a Matrix on the web service, if the user clicks on "Go to next level in the hierarchy" first, and then right clicks on a row and selects "Drill Down", the drill behaves as if the user once again clicked on "Go to next level in the hierarcy".


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We're also experiencing it and there are multiple topics on the Service Community forum regarding this. Just rolled out our BI reports and people were just starting to rely on it after big fights and a lot of change management and that's all going down the drain.


I'm very interested in an ETA or at least some kind of feedback.

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"Go to next level in the hierarchy" seems to be only for the traversing hierarchy.

and not used interchangeably with the 'right click'-drill down.  


Thus, the result you are seeing is incorrect according to Microsoft doc:


According to doc, the 'drill' will keep the parent in the hierarchy, however, either you are using Report Server or Services will end up showing without parents and may act confused. (that is both are incorrect).


Thus, whenever you want to use the combination of 'drill icons' and right-click-drills, you need to use the 'expand to the next level'; which will allow PowerBI to keep the parent in the hierarchy.  Whenever PowerBI has the parent information it doesn't get confused and shows the right results.


Just my two cents,


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@Anonymous for both matrices and graphs we are able to start at any level in the heirachy and either drill down to see the next level of the heirarchy filtered based on what was drilled down on. Taking the example in the link you sent when you drill down on a Category you will see only the Sub categories for the specific category that was drilled down on.


You can also "Show next level" to see all Sub categories unfiltered. If you have more than two layers in the heirarchy you can start by either drilling or going to next level and on the next level again use either of the options.


The problem here is that clicking to drill down goes to the next level in heirarchy without applying the filter as described above. This happens only in Service and not in the Desktop app. This is also something that has not been happening. You can and used to be able to use the drill down and go to next level options interchangeably.

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@Philip0123 it seems the same thing was said but in a different way, that 'show next level' does not have any drill-filter, which is not the issue.    However, the focus of the issues is at the event of 'right click: drill-down' after the initial click of 'show next level'.  And please note, the normal behavior of the power on 'right click: drill-down' will keep the parent.    In service or optimized it does not show the parent in the foregoing when 1st used 'show next level' then 'right-click: drill-down', thus, the situation like this, you can not interchangeably use the 'show next level' and 'right click: drill down'.

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@v-qiuyu-msft, Any ETA on this? This is a highly used function within Power BI and is a really bad experience with our entire user base.

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Looks fixed today!  Can anyone else confirm? 

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Seems to be fixed right now.



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Confirmed!!! It's working! Aleluyah!

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It is working again for us as well now.


I tried this morning about 2-3 hours ago, and it still was not working. But now, at 12:55PM CST on 2018-Oct-04, it appears to be working for several reports I tested that use SSAS and also Import mode. I also confirmed it is working for both Reports and published Apps for us.


It would be nice if we knew the root cause for this.


I understand it can take time to resolve these kinds of issues, but 11 days to resolution is a bit long for such a heavily used feature when we are supporting a large user base.

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Hi all,


Glad to hear the issue is gone on your side. 


I got information that:


It shouldn't be possible to mix drilling on specific items and clicking "Go to the next level in the hierarchy." This has been fixed on our internal systems, but it is delayed getting deployed to production, with an ETA of Monday.


Workaround: use the "Expand all down to the next level of hierarchy" (double-forked arrow) button instead.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu