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Right-Click Drill-Down on Matrix not working as expected

Dealing with a Matrix on the web service, if the user clicks on "Go to next level in the hierarchy" first, and then right clicks on a row and selects "Drill Down", the drill behaves as if the user once again clicked on "Go to next level in the hierarcy".


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We are having this problem, too. Exactly as you described.

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Hi @justinh@jrvidotti,


I have reported this issue internally: CRI 85493587. Will update here once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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We are experiencing the same behavior with our reports' matrixes.

v-qiuyu-msftAny possible ETA for this to be solved?



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We are having the same issue, but with charts. The matrix appears to be working for us.


Drilling down appears to cross filter correctly, but the visualization appears as if it simply went to the next level of the hierarchy. This was working a few days ago and we did not make changes short of updating our Gateway to the Sept 2018 release. Not sure if that is related.


Republishing does not work. Reducing or changing the hierarchies also does not have any affect. We are connecting a live connection to SSAS, as well as to an Import model.


Hoping this will be corrected quickly. Our users are losing faith in the reliability of the service.

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We are having exactly as you described!

Looking the solution ASAP.

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We were contacted yesterday about this issue.. went thru a long phone call and video conf to show the behavior. Still expeting any answers about it.


This functionality is one of the most used by our users and it should be a let down if this keeps being wrong.


Fingers crossed? LOL

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+1 We're experiencing this issue as well! Seems to be only in the service. Desktop works fine for us. We're connected on an on prem SSAS Tabular model.

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This issue happens most when drilling down using "go to next level in hierarchy". If we click on "activate expand" button and click on chart the result is ok!

Please solve this issue ASAP!

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We have this same issue.  This does not not occur with the desktop or on prem report server, only the cloud version of the report.  Our users are dependant on this functionality.  Hope you address it soon.  Thanks.