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Right Click Context Menu not available on embedded link published to web

Today Morning I was facing an issue that the right click on any of the charts wasn't working when viewed through the embedded link ( Publish to Web from Power BI Report page ) . Though it works on Power BI report page.


We use this embedded link to see our Power BI report and as right click isn't working on charts, there is no way where we can see underlying data (show Data) from the report.

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Facing the same issue.


 This works fine on IE / Edge. But it does not work on Google Chrome. Hope This resolves soon


Hi all, 


Based on my test today, the right click context menu is available in publish to web reports. Please test again in your environment. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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It works fine now. Thanks

Power BI Team

Hi @dineshhakande and @nachiket24, I've reviewed this issue and I do not see any issues occurring on Chrome for PC. I, unfortunately, do not have a Mac to test on with Safari.  I verified with our Engineers that this functionality should be working. 


Please provide the Publish to web URLs for the reports where it is not working, and the Power BI desktop files if it is not working correctly.