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Restrict rights User Metrics Report (automatically shared with Guest Users)



I am sharing a dashboard with RLS to guest users outside of our tenant. When I tested it on one of my own guest account, I see the user metric report is automatically shared with the dashboard I share (see print screen).

Guest users can now see all usage data, this seems like a bug. I only want the members of the Workspace to be able to see the usage details, not the viewers and certainly not the guest viewer.


Report Usage.png


All input is much appreciated.


Kind Regards, Linv

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Community Support

Hi @LinVPowerBI1


Please let the dashboard owner access this dashboard, then click on Share button, check if the guest user is in the Access list. See:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi Qiuyun Yu, 


Thanks for you fast response. I am the dashboard owner. Yes the guest user is in the access list with read/viewer rights (and additional RLS on the dataset), but that is intentional. I want the guest user to see the dashboard, I just don't want the guest user to be able to see the user metrics report.


As dashboard owner I created the user metrics report by clicking on the user metrics Icon next to the report. As the documentation states: "Usage metrics reports don't show up in Recent, Workspaces, Favorites, or other content lists. They can't be added to an app. If you pin a tile from a usage metrics report to a dashboard, you can't add that dashboard to an app"  


Then why are they visible as a report when sharing the original report with a guest user? I can't revoke rights as the user metrics report is not listed in my reports.


Kind Regards, LinV