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Resolved in 2.82 (June version): Templates cannot be opened in power bi desktop after update to 2.81

After updating to the 2.81 May version i get error when i want to open my power bi templates created in an older version. Probably made in 2.79 or 2.80. My colleague has not updated yet and het doesn't get that error.


'................pbit' if corrupt or an invalid report file

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I cannot reproduce the issue. You could also create a support ticket for assistance.


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I've created a support ticket for the issue

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I am getting the same error after the May update.


It seems to occur for me only when a Power BI dataset is used as the data source, I do not get the error when using a template based on  SQL Server.


I tried creating a new template with a new power bi dataset and I still get the error. 

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I've created an issue and have been informed that it will be resoved in the june version

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Do we know if the issue occurs for only templates based on Power BI Datasets or is it more board than that? Not sure what we are supposed to do for the next month, since our reporting process involves authors start with the baseline template for any new reports.
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We had the problem with templates based on power bi datasets. I'm not sure what the development team found to be the root issue. We were able to use an older version (march) in the meantime. 

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i have a version of PBI Desktop 2.81.5831.1181 64-bit (May 2020).

Template is working fine when the source is connected to sql.

However, when the data is from PBI Dataset, the exported .pbit file can not be opened.


And we can not easily switch to the older version because it is managed by the IT...

Is there an estimated date for the correction?



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The June release fixed this issue for our company.


We had the same problem with tempaltes after upgrading to the May release.


I would update to the June release on a test machine and try your template(s). 

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Hi @cygnex , do you use PBI Dataset as souce and export the report to .pbit?

Thank you.