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Reset the Child slicer when Parent Slicer selection is changed



I'm Facing a issue while working with two dropdown slicers (Parent and Child slicers). My Parent slicer is for Brands and Child Slicer is for Products. when i select a Brand in Parent Slicer, Products related to that particular Brand got loaded to child slicer.



Problem is when I  select a particular product in my Child silcer and then try to change Brand in Parent slicer , my Child slicer is not getting reset and showing previously  selected products and new prodducts. I have to manually unselect the previously selected product to make  them dissaper from the slicer.


Is there a way to reset the selection of child slicer when ever the parent slicer is changed.


I have used Hierarchy slicer to overcome this issue, but is there a way to overcome this issue when we are using dropdown slicers.


Thanks & Regards,

Rajeev Bikkani

Status: Delivered
Community Support

Hi @rajeevbikkani,


The same issue has been reported internally before: CRI 23743458. 


This is by design, we store previous selections and show them regardless of whether another filter may hide them. We do not want to clear selections based on filter from other slicers, and we are obligated to show any selected items.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Delivered