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Republishing a report updated the data but not the report

I have updated a report I am working on and republished it this morning. The dataset has been sucessfully updated and refreshed, but the report itself (I added some tabs and changed some visuals) did not. Almost all of my report visuals say they need to be fixed in the online version. The file works fine in the Desktop version. If I download the file from online, it shows me the old version. I have been waiting for this to fix itself for 6 hours and am convinced I have done something wrong on my side. I reinstalled Power BI to the latest version this morning which has not fixed the issue. Am I missing something?

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I am unable to reproduce this issue on my side, and I am using Power BI Desktop version(2.65.5313.1381), what is your Power BI Desktop version? Do you check the correct report in Power BI Service?

In your scenario, I would recommend you delete the dataset in Power BI Service, then publish your new Power BI Desktop report again.


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@fry4 - if you are accessing the report from an "APP"  (i.e. Workspace APP, not just the workspace) you will need to update the APP to see visual changes. If this is not the case, than I am not sure.