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Reports not saving on web

When i go to save a report on the web interface after making changes the report goes grey like it is trying to save, but it never does.


I have tried:

- Chrome, IE and edge

- Checked multiple reports to ensure it is not just that particular report

- Checked other users to ensure it is not just me

- Restarting my device to ensure it is not a device issue

- Reinstalling Chrome to ensure it is not a page caching issue



Status: Needs Info



Is there any error message when the report not saved?

Could you please help collect the fiddler traces when saving the report? Please make sure only one browser page/tab is opened on your computer and following option has been enabled in fiddler. Then you can share the .saz file to me through online file service like OneDrive.

Please also provide a screenshot for the repro.




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Status changed to: Needs Info
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 This is has been solved. was internal block