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Reports in shared with me are not visible

I am seeing several issues where I have shared reports with individuals in my org and can see that they have access when I look at 'Manage Permissions' but the report is not showing up in their Shared With Me reports. When I send them a link they are told they don't have access. 


If I then add their name again, it works. The problem is, I don't know the problem exists until a user tells me there is a problem. I can't see who really has access and who doesn't. I am sharing my reports with dozens of individuals and I'm trying to gauge usage, and I'm not able to tell which people aren't using a report because they don't want to or if they can't. 

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Community Support

Hi @granttessitore,


Check if the user has permission to access the report, you can go to share report panel Access tab, check if the user are listed here. As I tested, if the user in Access tab, copy the report link and send the link to the user, this user can access the report with his account. 


So instead of going to Manage Permission, please check Access tab firstly. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu