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Reports created in MyWorkspace are vanished

Hi All


Reports created, published & shared from My workspace are vanished suddenly. Users who had access to those reports are getting 'Required access' exception when trying to access the reports from SharedWithMe. 


Please explain what is the cause for this issue?



Suganthi M

Status: New
Helper I

I can't share my report from My Workspace after februry 2020 update!


Hi @suganthijayam,


Please go to the My Workspace, find the report, click on Share -> Access to check if the end user is in the list. Also please click on Manage Permissions, check if the user has permission on the dataset, see:


Best REgards,
Qiuyun Yu

Helper I

Thank you @v-qiuyu-msft  I already tried all that but isn't working.

The user gets the email with the link and when they clic the button "Open this Report" in the email they can't enter the report anymore. They get to this screen (see below) and they click the card of the report and nothing gets open.




They could open the report before february update.

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