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Reports are not working in the service

For the last 30 minutes it has not been possible to show reports in the service. They are just loading and never finishes. I have tried with reports from different sources, so the problem is in the Power BI Service. 


Can someone fix this ASAP? I'm based in northern europe.

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We have the same issue here in Germany.


I am not sure if Germany counts North Europe.

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Having the same issue in the US.

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Having the same issue in US east coast NYC.

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Cannot open a ticket on the support form either, it fails.

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We are experiencing the same problem in East Africa.

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Having same Issue in Italy, our Sales organization is blind and we are in a middle of the budget process, really annoying

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Hi All,



same issue here in Dublin, Ireland:






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Reports are working again for us...

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the same for us ...

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Has this issue been resolved. We have had folks in NYC complaining about broken reports.