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Reports are not working in the service

For the last 30 minutes it has not been possible to show reports in the service. They are just loading and never finishes. I have tried with reports from different sources, so the problem is in the Power BI Service. 


Can someone fix this ASAP? I'm based in northern europe.

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Same for western europe!


We have the same problem. (Also in northern Europe)


Found that the same issue happened on Wednesday in Australia/New Zeeland:


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Same here for Northern Europe. Have had multiple issues last week with dashboards loading slow and general connectivity errors. Does anyone else experience the same type of issues?
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Same issue in Western-europe and officialy nothing is broken (Health Status of Power BI is green excepted an advisory not related to this).

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The same issue in my organization (North Europe tenant)! 'Almost there' when trying to enter the Report on Power BI Service, then crashing and throwing 500 Error! Please resolve!

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We have the same problem, all dashboards are just loading, Northern Europe



Not working for me either! - Very annoying!!!

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Same here in Switzerland. It is generating a lot of disconfort.

Please inevestigate ASAP


Activity ID2a55112e-2e94-4333-a148-59ae31e00fdd
Request IDbcc76a96-93a9-4178-4ce0-93e2bee63bc7
Correlation IDaef0c7e5-620d-d139-d71e-0c74738a8161
Status code500
TimeFri Nov 17 2017 15:08:10 GMT+0100 (W. Europe Standard Time)
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Same issue with my organisation too . I havent deployed any reports today into Power Bi & the one working since morning stopped working from noon.

Please let me know the cause of the issue, is there something I could do from my end to fix?


Status code 500

Cluster Url


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 Same here... 😞

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