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Reports are not loading

Location: North Europe

Publised Reports not loading at all - only blank pages.


Would be lovely if Microsoft would update the service status if this is a widespread issue. I am being run down by colleagues now.



Status: Accepted
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Good morning,


The issues persist this morning - London.


Same issue in Belgium, reports are not loading


Our reports are also not loading, we have users that are urgently needing the use the reports.

We are in South Africa.



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Same issue in Italy


Same issue here, we are in Manchester,UK. None of our users can see any reports

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Now the service it's working again!

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Despite MIGUELG's post, we're still seeing problems in Manchester UK: unable to refresh reports or datasets.


Is this a repeat of the issue from 21-May-2019? Two serious outages in less than a month.....


Still not working for us either, in Manchester,UK.

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Still having issues in London too. The service hasn't worked all morning. 


working again in Belgium, reports are visible and refresh is working