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Reports are not loading

Location: North Europe

Publised Reports not loading at all - only blank pages.


Would be lovely if Microsoft would update the service status if this is a widespread issue. I am being run down by colleagues now.



Status: Accepted
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Wanted to post it myself. Same here, Europe as well (Berlin, Germany).

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Same here, Spain. Can not refresh data, view reports or upload new ones from Desktop.

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+1, also Spain

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Down for Finland as well.

What's the point of "Service status per region" on the It's always green, no matter what happens...

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Down in Greece as well.

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Same issue in South Africa, using North Europe (Ireland) data centre... Severly affecting business critical reports.

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Same issue here in The Netherlands as well

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Stesso problema al nord di Italia. Qualcuno potrebbe rispondere no ???? Microsoft ci sei ????

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Same here, can't refresh datasets, some reports don't display anything while others do. Dashboards seem to work. Also using "North Europe (Ireland)".


I'm also annoyed by the service status on which is always green, saying "No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly", even when the service clearly doesn't work. Either Microsoft doesn't know themselves when they have such issues with Power BI or they don't keep the service status up to date which makes it useless...

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+1 , also Bulgaria.