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Report usage metrics is not appearing for newly created reports

I have noticed that report usage metrics is not appearing for newly created reports. Reports that are created last couple of weeks does not show up when connecting to the Report usage metrics model.

Metrics for "old" reports still generate statistics but nothing from all the new reports!


There have been a similar issue a couple of months back and before new year which was fixed in February according to some other issue that was posted here but it now seems to be happening again. 


This does not seem to be same issue as is posted under the Support page since it states that usage data is complete after 2/7!

Tenant is located in North Europe in my case.






Power BI usage metrics for reports are missing data from 1/19 to 2/7. As a workaround, the Power BI audit logs can be used to determine report usage during this period of time. Usage data for reports is complete before 1/19 and after 2/7. Usage metrics for dashboards is unaffected.


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I too am experiencing this issue. Old reports show their usage metrics up to yesterday as expected. New reports show nothing other than "Total Reports in Organisation"which shows a value that agrees with all other reports.


I had a premier support call open for this, which was closed following the February fix. I have reopened tha support call, and they are looking in to it.

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Hi, I have the same problem and I would need it in order to know the use of the original report.



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I'm experienceing the same issue.

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I suffered this problem for 2 months, I didn't do anything and I started to work. So, goog luck!