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Report published to should not be included in application as default

When I publish a report to, it is automatically included in report application. If at that moment somebody else is updating the application, this new report is included there. Or if you yourself don't remember to go and change the setting after publishing. Usually a new report needs to be reviewed/tested first before including it to the application so the default option should be excluded instead of included.

Status: Delivered

Hi @MiraNi ,


From your description, when you publish the report to Power BI service, you would like the "Include in app" option to be turned off, right? 


Based on my research, by default the "Include in app" option is turned on after the report publishing to Power BI service. And currently there is no setting for us to change this behavior. You need to turn off this option after publishing the report manually. 


For your requirement, you can submit a idea here:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Delivered
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I know, this is the expected behaviour at the moment and I was supposed to create an idea, not an issue. So yes, I will create an idea about this.