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Report page tooltips not working in web?

Any idea why the tooltip feature stopped working on the web??? In my desktop it works perfectly fine but once I publish it to the service, it doesn't pop up?


I have followed all the instructions (and I do think there are too many clicks to enable such a simple feature but this is a different story) and this is not the first time to design tooltips for me. it used to work in the past!!!





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Hi Nhol
I was facing exacty the same issues but it seems to be solved right now. Try again, should work.




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My organization has the same issue now to multiple reports on all browsers. (IE, Edge and Chrome.)

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Hi all, 


This is a know issue. You can try the workaround: 


The “Tooltip” toggle needs to be turned on for the affected visuals. Users can do this if they have Edit access in the service. Otherwise, the report author will need to turn on the toggle “Tooltip” in PBI Desktop and then publish the updated report.


Fix is planned on: 7/16 – West Europe , 7/17 – NCUS , 7/19 – Rest of the World except North Europe, 7/20 – North Europe


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Qiuyun Yu 

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