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Report page background image not scaling online

On a report published from Desktop to the online service, Background images don't appear to scale correctly.


While all the visuals scale correctly, background images stay at the "original size", when the report is changed to "fit to page" view. "Fit to width" seems to scale OK.

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Do you use Power BI Desktop November release(2.64.5285.701)? And how do you set the Image fit option? I test the scenario as yours, backgroud image scales as expected when I change the report to "Fit to page" view.


Status changed to: Needs Info
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Hi, Yes I'm using the latest Power BI November Desktop application and publishing online.

The background image is set to "fit". but here's how it appears online, followed by how it should appear from desktop:


My image is the exact dimension of the report page (note that I've cropped this to a partial screenshot to remove some information).


Power BI Online bug 1.pngPower BI Online bug 2.png



Would you mind sharing me a PBIX file containing dummy data? And do you apply other formatting settings to the report?


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Hi All,

Did you find a solution to this issue?  I'm having the same problem.  "Image Fit" is set to "Fit", however it changes to "Normal" when published in dashboard view.  Once you enter report view, it's back to "fit" again.



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