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Report on PowerBI service not loading

I do have a number of reports at the powerbi service that is based on import of data into the service. The data was updated according to schedule but when running the report, then nothing happens. It stops loading and shows a screen saying "Almost done".

I do also have reports running on directs query mode and they work fine.

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Unfortunately, I have to take back my earlier comment, Power BI is not rendering reports again.  Do we have any updates or even an ETA for it to be resolved?

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Now see the following on Support page:


Power BI users in North Europe may experience issues viewing, refreshing, or publishing content. As a workaround, users can retry the relevant action. The mitigation applied has increased overall reliability and Power BI Engineers are continuing to work with Service Fabric Engineers on full recovery. Additional updates will be provided soon.

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The same issue in UK. The reports are slowly refreshing or even not refreshing properly. Also there was a reload issue with the data models.

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Well, this is really worrying, it is not working all day. In last year, problems with access to Power BI reports happened almoust every month. Is this occuring only in EU region, or the other regions have also so common problems?


I know, work for Power BI team is not easy. But I think, for company like Microsoft this is not acceptable. Are there no any backup servers? Many important meetings and presentations today failed because of reports drop down. Imagine the embarrassment of presentator in front of a crowd of people who wanted to see the wonders of Power BI reports.


We talk to our (potential) clients, how Power BI is better than other platforms. They could answer: Yeah, great stuff, but Tableau just work.


Two most important thing Microsoft should do:

  1.  Reduce drop dows, reports should be avalible 24/7 (in term of PRO license capacity of course). Drop down every month is really... ah
  2. If there is drop down, talk to us - we would better accept failure if we would know, why this is happening. Not just, Engineers are working. We know, they are working really hard. We want to know, what is the reason and how Microsoft will prevent, that this will not happened again in the future. Transparency is the key ladies and gentlemen. Clients are asking, what went wrong, and all we can say: we don't know, they are fixing something. This point is as important as first one. Providers and users should coloborate

As users, what can we do? How can we convince Power BI team at least to talk to us?



As i wrote this comment, status of Power BI Service is: No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly

I restart browser, open the report, and again get: Couldn't load the model schema associated with this report.


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I agree with Funny in everything she writes. Should'nt we demand the license money back as we have been  test pilots in business-critical situations. There are other BI tools on the market.

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Same problem from USA.

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Hi all, 


Sorry for any inconvenience. Would you please test again to see if the same issue occurs? 


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu

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Just tested now, PBI service seems to be working again in South Africa (Tenant is in Ireland).  Publishing to service has also normalised.

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It works 🙂

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@v-qiuyu-msft it works.


Thank you.

More information would be appreciated in a similar situation in the future.