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Report on PowerBI service not loading

I do have a number of reports at the powerbi service that is based on import of data into the service. The data was updated according to schedule but when running the report, then nothing happens. It stops loading and shows a screen saying "Almost done".

I do also have reports running on directs query mode and they work fine.

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Regular Visitor

Same here, in Bulgaria. Please, if you have any further info, let us know 

Regular Visitor

El mismo problema desde España.

Helper V

Same issue in the Netherlands here. Reports not loading.

Regular Visitor

Same problem in Czech Republic

Regular Visitor

Same in Finland (North Europe)

New Member

Getting the same issue in the UK as well.

Advocate III

Same here in Northern Europe. 

Regular Visitor

Same Issue in Sweden! What happens?

Frequent Visitor

Power BI users in North Europe may experience issues viewing, refreshing, or publishing content, as a workaround, users can retry the relevant action. Engineers are investigating the issue and will provide an update soon.

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Same in Estonia , Reports are not loading in the Service