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Report on PowerBI service not loading

I do have a number of reports at the powerbi service that is based on import of data into the service. The data was updated according to schedule but when running the report, then nothing happens. It stops loading and shows a screen saying "Almost done".

I do also have reports running on directs query mode and they work fine.

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Same issue here in Dubai, UAE. Service is not loading reports neither desktop is publishing.

Regular Visitor

Working again for me now, UK.

Advocate I

In South Africa, but our tenant is in Ireland as far as I know.  Having same issue with every report that we have published. 


This is really frustrating as some of these are project/client reports that we need to get out as part of project completion procedures.  Additionally our BD guys use reports to present to new clients, none of which are working either even though they're based on static datasets.

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My report is working again in UK

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Same problem in Northern Germany. 

Advocate I

Same issue in Spain

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Problem solved now in Northern Germany!

New Member

Appears to be resolved in the UK now.


Although some users are still unable to load select reports that other uses are ok with. Will keep an eye on it.

Helper II

Was working in UK now getting error again.


Regular Visitor

At the moment it seems like that the issue still persists in certain datasets, we have reports that are working and some that aren't.