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Report embed does not work in IE

I'm attempting to embed a report in an iFrame using the url retrned from the "Get Reports" web service. The url looks like this "{reportid}".  It works fine in Chrome, but in IE (v11) it does not work. Using IE's debugger I can see an error in the javascript of the page.  


The line that fails is :

window.addEventListener('message', receiveMessage', false);


It should be :

if (window.addEventListener) {
       window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);
} else {
       window.attachEvent("onmessage", receiveMessage);



I haven't been able to find any other documentation regarding this issue. I (obviously) can't modify the code on the microsoft controlled page, so I'm forced to have our users use Google Chrome.

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I cannot repro this issue in my IE11. Do this happened to each of your embed report or just specific report?


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did you find any solution for your problem? i'm with exactly the same problem, and, yes, @v-haibl-msft, this happens in IE 11.0.9600.18538 with each embed report







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We have the same problem. It was working with IE till last week and then suddenly now doesn't work in IE but will work in Edge and will also work in IE when i click the full screen mode button at the bottom.


Is this a bug? Where can i report it?

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Found this post ( discussing the same issue and a possible solution. The solution suggests adding few URLs to the "Trusted Sites" in IE, i tried but didn't work for me, also this is not an acceptable solution because we can't update every user's "Trusted Site" list. Isn't there a solution that doesn't require making changes to every user's machine?

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I'm having the same issue, and agree with the poster above.  Adding a URL to a trusted site is not a usable solution.  The point is having to share the content with the audience and if you have to give them a set of instructions to add a site to the trusted sites to work, than that's just a terrible experience.