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Report Usage Metrics Not Updating Since Oct 2nd

The Report Usage Metrics have not been updated since October 2nd, 2018 across all Power BI Reports that I manage.  Are there any known issues reported at this time or corrective actions that can be taken to resolve?

Status: Accepted
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I thought the issue was fixed but it seems that it's broken again!

We had no PBI Reports Usage Metrics between October 3 and October 13.  Then we got Usage Metrics for one day only - October 14th - and nothing since again.  

Meanwhile the Dashboard Usage Metrics have been working fine all along

This quite frustrating!


Best Regards

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Come on Microsoft - 16 days and counting without metrics.  Your Awareness notice on PBI Support page is frustrating because it says you will update us at 5PDT, but the only update you give is that you will update the next day at the same time.  Please set some real expecations so we have an idea of when we will have this important tool again.


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Looks like we should have a fix put in this afternoon.  And also plans to add back in the historical data afterwords.  Per their support page. 


Are you guys still experiencing this issue? 

I thought it was fixed last friday (10/19) but there is no data after that.




My metrics are working. The missing days have been recovered and I have metrics through 10/23


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Mine are also fixed and working now.


Seems like its just the timing. My metrics are displaying data through 10/23.


Thank you Smiley Happy 


Mine also Fixed and working. No missing values as of now.

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Has history been corrected as well? I recall that was the next step but with no delivery date or updates.

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Looks like this is not working again.  My metrics have stopped displaying since November 2nd.