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Report Tabs Gone for Out-of-Tenant Shared Dashboards

All of the sudden (perhaps after the April 2017 update?), any dashboards we share out-of-tenant from Power BI Web are missing the tabs along the bottom to switch between the different reports in that dashboard.  

We tested with in-tenant sharing and it works fine - only an issue when shared externally.   


We tried creating a new dashboard from scratch with 2 simple tabs and published out of tenant - same issue.  All tabs are just gone!  



By the way, I did see a similar thread ( but it seems too different from what we're experiencing.  In that case, 3 out of 5 tabs disappeared and it happened when shared internally or externally.  Our issue happens only when sharing externally.  Perhaps the same issue.


We noticed a warning on the client side that only appears when looking at it out-of-tenant - this may be related to what's happening or perhaps not:

/13.0.1700.1783/scripts/ai.0.js:1 AI: USRACT_StringValueTooLong message:"string value is too long. It has been truncated to 1024 characters." props:"{value:Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=%24templateCacheProvider%20%3C-%20%24templateCac... at at at Object.d [as get]

( at at d

( at e

( at Object.invoke

( at}"

u.warnToConsole @ /13.0.1700.1783/scripts/ai.0.js:1

There seems to be other issues with PBI of late (data failed to load when first opening a dashboard) so perhaps the tabs missing are part of a bigger problem.  However, for now that is the problem that is getting in the way of us delivering analytics to our clients.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





P.S. We had another issue with out-of-tenant dashboards where the Export Data just didn't work for them.  It was eventually fixed, but I'm beginning to wonder whether or not out-of-tenant sharing is the red-headed-stepchild of the PBI feature set.  It could certainly use a little more testing with each release...while I love the pace of innovation of PBI this isn't the first time that something in this dark, scary corner of PBI was broken and our clients were impacted.  Food for thought if this post happens to cross into any PBI QA LOS.


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I do encounter exactly the same problem.
The users (external to my organization) to whom I've shared a dashboard can't access the tabs anymore. This happened suddenly three days ago.
The tabs are not even displayed.
Even more, the users now can't access the report anymore : all they see on their screen is a Power BI page with the Power BI logo indefinitely blinking in its center.
So, please, let me know when an issue is found out.


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Same issue. I built a dashboard and shared with users outside my organization months ago. Until last week they were able to access to the report from the dashboard. The dashbaord was created by "pinging live page" from one of the underlying report tabs. Until last week they were able to "unlock" all the tabs of the report by clicking on the report name from the Dashboard. Now they are not able to do it, when clicking on the report name (upper left corner) nothing happens, they are not able to see all report's tabs. The exact same dasbhoard is working perfectly for users from my organization. Please help.



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The same proble. I've built two dashboards for external clients. At both dashboards my clients can not see any tab anymore. And, the one tab they can see works extremely slow...and links to the internet don't work. My clients and I are very dependent on the daily refreshed information in the dashboard. Please help with this on short term!!



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Please fix this ASAP. It has been very embarassing dealing with our external domain clients since they are unable to see the rereport tabs except the report linked to the dashboard tile.

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....In addition to my previous issue: the lay out of visuals (size of characters at axis) is not as designed in power BI desktop. When shared within organisation they appear as designed. So, it seems that there are several problems with dashboards/reports shared with people outside the organisation.


Hi All,


Same issue has already been reported to Power BI team internally: CRI 35750122

Fix will be in production this week.


Best Regards,


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We are also getting the same issues. We are getting external users who have been given access to Dashboards complaining that they can not access the Dashboards. Any update on the fix to this please?

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Is there a work around for this? If I roll back to the last version of PBI Desktop will it allow external users to see the tabs again. At the moment all they can see is the front page and no tabs at all.

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@v-haibl-msft - thank you for the update.  This is good news.


@dcresp - as far as work-arounds, this morning we're showing a client a dashboard and what we've done is just gone to each report page and clicked "Pin Live Page" so the main dashboard has all of the tabs as tiles on the dashboard.  We will just click the dashboard titles to open each page in full screen view.  


There is no other workaround we've found and that includes rolling back PBI Desktop to the older version.  Likely an issue with PBI Web, not Desktop.