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Report Server - Scheduled Refresh Plan and Data Source modify

Dear Power BI Team,


there is an unattractive bug when mofifing a Data source from Report when you have added a Scheduled refresh plan I'd like you to know.


When you create a Report with e.g. Excel Data Sources and you insert credentials within Report Server Portal and add a Scheduled Refresh Plans ("Every 5 Minutes" and "Every 02:00 AM)" you are fine until you modify Data Sources from Power BI Client. E.g. you want to change Data Source connection string from NetBios name (\\servername\share\Excel1.xlsx) to FQDN (\\\share\Excel1.xlsx) and save changes to Report you will notice that you'll need to re-enter Data Source credentials again. But Scheduled Refresh Plan seems to be gone also.




At this point of time you will notice that within Report Server Logs you will see that Sheduled Refresh Plan, which isn't visible that the moment because of missing credential update is still going to be executed.

I've searched within Report Server Database and by checking tabled "dbo.Catalog" for Report ID, "dbo.Schedule" for ScheduleID and "dbo.ReportSchedule" for result you'll see that Scheduled Refresh plans are still added to Report even if there is no hint from Portal about it. Therefore no credentials are added to connection to Excel file you'll notice that at each runtime an error will be shown in Report Server Refresh logs that there are missing / false credentials are added to Scheduled Refresh plan's data source.


Once I re-add credentials again, both plans will appear again.



I'd like to let you know about this behaviour, maybe you can implement some kind of note to report's Scheduled Refresh plan when a refresh plan is added to report but data source was updated and you need to enter credentials again.

For Portal user it looks like there is no scheduled refresh plan added to report under this condition.


This will also happen, if you add new connections to report also.


Many thanks


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Community Support

Hi @Daniel_Altevogt,


From your description, after you save the pbix file to PBIRS and create schedule refresh for the report, if you modify the data source in Power BI desktop optimized for report server, then resave the report to PBIRS and enter credential for data sources in web portal, the original refresh plan disappears until you create a new refresh plan, right? 


I have tested with Power BI report server version, but not able to reproduce it either with Excel file or SQL database, please update your Power BI report server to the same version as ours then test it again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate II

Dear @v-qiuyu-msft,


many thanks for your reply.


No, not at all. I've also tested using latest Report Server Version and Report Server's behaviour is same like I mentioned.

Here are steps to reproduce:


- Create a PBIX Report using multiple Excel sources for data sources using NetBios UNC path to *.xlxs file.

- Insert credentials at portal to be used for access source for Scheduled refresh

- Create Scheduled Refresh plan

- Re-Open PBIX report using PBI desktop client

- Modify source(s) to FQDN UNC path

- Navigate to report at portal and take a look at Scheduled Refresh plans. You will notice that there will be no entry saying you need to re-enter credentials first before you can insert a plan

- Insert credentials again at changed sources

- Take another look at Scheduled refresh plans. You'll notice that old refresh plan is still in place.


This behaviour I've seen at last Report Server Versions. Bad thing about it is that there is no note about a already inserted plan when you modify sources from PBI desktop client. When you look into Report Server SQL database you'll see that report has an scheduled refresh configured which is executed according to refresh plan (e.g. Every 15 minutes). Every 15 minutes there will be error messages about invalid entries credentials within Report Server Logs.


It's not such a big deal, but having a lot of reports with several publishers / modifiers it would be great if there'd be a note at portal that there is a report scheduled refresh in place (after modify source from PBI desktop client) and you need to modify / insert credentials again.


Don't hesitate to contact me for additional information.


Many thanks


Advocate II

Dear all,


I've contacted Microsoft support regaring this and was asked to submit an idea request, if you see same issue feel free to vote for idea: