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Report Printing is Wonky as Hell

PBI and PBI online have the hardest time printing report pages, even ones which are sized to 8.5"x11". Sometimes it will shove a report view into a corner of the page, have it skewed to the side, have it partially cut off, or not displayed at all. 

I can only ever get it to print correctly if I have scrolled to the top of a Letter-sized report page. Like why does it matter where I'm scrolled on the page? Does Word crop what you print based on what you're looking at? No.  

Please fix report printing.  

Also please pair with idea 38167726 to include page breaks for printing. 

Thank you.

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @jengwt


Print layout depends on the different browsers, what you got is expected, you can see it here


  • Q: I cannot print all the report pages at once.
  • A: That is correct. Report pages can only be printed one page at a time.
  • Q: What I see when I select Print doesn't match what you're showing me here.
  • A: The Print screens vary by browser and software version.
  • Q: My printout isn't scaled correctly. My dashboard doesn't fit on the page. Other scaling and orientation questions.
  • A: We cannot guarantee that the printed copy will be exactly the same as it appears in the Power BI service. Things like scaling, margins, visual details, orientation, and size are not controlled by Power BI. For help with issues like this, refer to the documentation for your specific browser.

You can export report to PDF or PowerPoint then print report pages. 


You can involve others to vote on the same idea, the idea will be considered with high priority if there are many votes. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu