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Report Page Tooltip (Preview) is not working in PBI services

Last month we created a PBI report with this tooltip preview feature and published to services, Which was working fine at that time. Whenever we did mouse over to that visual it responded to that filters applied to that visual.


From yesterday it's not responding to that filters applied to that visual (only in services), In PBI desktop its woking fine still.


PBI Desktop:


PBI Desktop.PNG


PBI Services:


PBI Services.PNG


Is there any issue with services or do we need to enable any setting in services, Without doing anything same feature was working fine earlier.



Dinesh J.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I am having the same issue. I have two tooltips that show up for four different charts. Two of them work, two of them don't work. Even though they're the same tooltips. Works fine in desktop version.

Post Prodigy

For some reason its working fine on both Desktop and Service fine now for me. Closed all PBI sessions and redid the Tool Tip and works alright now.

Advocate II
Advocate II

It started working over the weekend f , but we have gone back to the old tool tips . Once  this feature  moves from preview to live , we will try this option again. Right now we cannot take the risk

Frequent Visitor

Same here for some Charts its present for some it isn't.


But i've got another issue today, the tooltip  works fine on desktop but on service it disappear

when u put the cursor on.

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In the latest release (May 2018), if page is set to be a tooltip page


it gets a new option in TOOLTIP section called  "Keep all filters" which you need to set to "ON"




After you republish, filters will be passed as they should in the service (worked for me).


Filip K.

Helper III

I am having a very similar issue where the multi-row card visual has stopped working in PBI desktop and PBI Service since I upgraded to the latest version of PBI desktop. 

Frequent Visitor

I am also getting the same issue. 

Before the June update to Power BI service the tooltips page are working in service but now it is not even showing up. 

Frequent Visitor

I am also having the issue with the tooltip working in desktop version, but not PBI service.  I feel like it was working previously.  Please advise

Regular Visitor

Tooltip was getting displayed on mouse Hover till friday(13july) on powerbi Services. But yesterday I checked it that is not visible. 

I am able to see that on PowerBI desktop but not on


Please provide the solution

Post Prodigy

Everything is still working on all of my reports. If you are using third party visuals then it might be the reason of an issue.