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Report Navigation on Power BI web service

I am unable to get a consistent landing page when navigating between reports in Power BI web service


Specific conditions:


one dashboard, nothing linking to reports (using as placeholders)

several reports, several sheets each


due to report building process, the sheets do not start with "report section {0}"  (we move sheets around, finding right flow, etc)

IE first sheet, which is landing sheet by design (saved with this sheet active), is "report section 13"

but when i click from report to report, i jump to "report section {0}", not my saved report page.


but if i click up to the dashboard, then select a report, i go the the intended start point, which could have any "report section XX" number, not the {0} one...


so, the unexpected behavior occurs when i try to switch between reports without any clicks.  try it out, see if you observe it.  or contact me.  i see it pretty consistently.  


one other note:  this is in a "group".  not "my workspace" and i do have admin on it...






Status: New