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Report Map Layer Not Working in Embedded

I am not able to get the map in my report to work in the embedded dashboard. It works fine in PowerBI Desktop. I save and import the file into my Azure workspace and then when I use the JavaScript to embed, everything else works great except the map doesn't load it's feature layer, just the basemap shows at the world level. I have seen in the example,, that their map is still working. When I use my token and id's in this example, my report loads but not my map point layer - I see the same issue with my own web page. There are no errors being thrown in the console.

Could this be a problem with the workspace on Azure or is this a bug on the JavaScript end? I have reuploaded and resaved the report a few different times and I see the same issue.


After I wrote that first paragraph, I wanted to update with the following: I made a new workspace on Azure, uploaded a new powerbi file, and I am seeing the same issue where the basemap and legend appear but there are no points on the basemap. Any ideas on this? Since I can't get it to work on the embedded example using the tokens I generate, I am wondering if this is some issue with the Azure Workspace but I can't be sure. 


Appreciate any insights

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Hi @haonrolyat,


Due to the Bing map control big changes, you need to download the Jun release desktop and use drill GEO hierarchy feature. For more information, see:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu