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Report Focus Mode acting strangely

When I enter focus mode, some pages show multiple, overlapping visuals/slicers instead of just the one I entered focus mode from.  This doesnt happen on all pages but does on most.  I just upgraded to the April release and it is now happening in both the Desktop and Service! (it was only happening on Service prior to this)  An example is shown below (black squares are my masking of identifying data):


Anyone else having this issue?Focus Mode Error.png


Status: Needs Info
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For our part, the problem continues as well, we keep waiting for a solution, if information is needed on our part we can also send it.


Hi All, 

I am also facing the same issue with the focus mode in Power BI Service, Desktop. 

Cleared all cache, tried on multiple machines but the problem still persists. 

Focus mode on a visual overlaps some of the visuals in the report (Not all). 

Using the latest (Apr 2019) version of PBI Desktop. Reinstalled, rebooted, tried everything possibly can do. 


Please suggest a solution or fix the bug asap. Our clients are waiting on this. 



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Trying to bump this bug.  Been over a month since first reported and remains in the "NEEDS INFO" state.


Just checked and is still happening.  I keep telling my client that it has been reported but I am waiting for more information.


Once again, not happening on all reports or all pages, so something in the page is likely tripping the issue.  Happens in desktop and service/browser.

Focus Mode Error 20190520.png





Is it only those 3 or 4 Power BI users reported this issue getting this focus mode behaviour? Are we just doing some different things in the report..I dont understand.


I recreated the whole report and still getting the same issue, only with one report so far though. MS, please fix this.


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Facing the same problem. I’ve just find out that when you send the visuals to the back (‘Format’/ ‘Send Backward’/’Send to back’) they disappear in the focus mode and when updating your bookmark they stay away (a lot of work with many bookmarks).


@NSM , thanks for your tip. But i don't think that will work in my case, as i am using several visuals overlapping one top of another and controlling the appearance using bookmarks. Those visulas should be in the same order that i have to give the user the ability to click and change the appearance of the visuals. 

The focus mode issue was not there with the same layout i have couple of months before. But unfortunately seeing that since the last month. 

For now, i just disabled the focus mode icon in the visual header options, but the problem is still there when we use the "Show data" option of the visual. I can not just disable that Show data option.



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I submitted a support ticket with Microsoft and went back and forth for a couple weeks with the support team.  They worked on the issue and have escalated it to the product team with their findings.


I can only guess/hope this means they were able to reproduce the issue.


Hopefully we will see a resolution soon.


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@NSM Good tip above.  If I individually select all visuals on a page/tab and then choose "Format\Send Backwards\Send to Back", it clears up the issue for that page.


Unfortunately, I cannot accomplish this using the "Select All" (Ctrl-A) feature to select the visuals.

@arpreddy25 I would think this would also work for you, even though you are using bookmark hiding?  The viuals that overlap are not shown in the same viewing.  Just select each individually (or a group of them) and push them to the back.


It's a bit awkward but most workarounds are.