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Report API does not support images

Status: Delivered
by fer_vd Frequent Visitor on ‎11-25-2016 12:46 AM

The title explains it: The API works fine for showing the visuals in the report, but images are removed.

It would be nice if images can be supported too.

Status: Delivered
by v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
on ‎11-27-2016 05:37 PM



Please can create/vote an idea in http://ideas.powerbi.com for your suggestion.

This one is similar to yours: https://ideas.powerbi.com/forums/265200-power-bi-ideas/suggestions/15120669-provide-powerbi-graph-as...


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by fer_vd Frequent Visitor
on ‎11-27-2016 11:51 PM

Thank you for your respond! I'll vote for it

by Vicky_Song Established Member
on ‎11-28-2016 07:04 PM
Status changed to: Delivered
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