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Rendering Bug with Line and Clustered Column Chart in Report Server

We are using a line and clustered column chart delivered through the Report Server.  There are more x axis categories than will fit on the screen so the chart automatically adds a horizontal scroll bar.  The issue we are seeing is when you hover over a marker or click a marker on the line chart the marker clicked is not the one that gets selected.  An adjacent marker is the one that gets selected and in fact the tooltip shows the values from the adjacent marker as well.  If the browser window size is adjusted the direction and amount of this offset error can be changed.  I've notice line and clustered column charts without a scroll bar are not affected by this error.  I've also noted that when I view the offending chart in Focus mode the offset error goes away.  We have tested the same report in PowerBI Desktop and PowerBI Service and the error does not appear, only on the Report Server.  We have also tested multiple browsers, Edge and Chrome and both behave the same.  We are currently running the January 2021 Power BI Report Server edition.  

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Have you tried to press on “Ctrl” and use the mouse wheel to change the resolution of your browser and check if the problem can disappear?


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Community Support Team _Robert Qin