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Removed gateway connection showing in connection list

Hi all,


I think there is a bug with the gateway connection list, in the settings of a dataset. It's currently showing two options, one of which was an old gateway we removed some time ago. This gateway is not available under manage

gateways, and as such can not be removed.


This behaviour is consistant across report datasets old and new.


The top one in the screenshot is the old removed gateway.

connection list


Thanks for any assistance you can offer to remove this old entry.

Status: New

Hi @lleeuwenstein


Based on my test, if user1 add the user2 as gateway administrator or data source user in Manage Gateways, the gateway is available in dataset settings for user2. So in your scenario, please check if the problematic gateway is created by another user, you can check the Contact Information as shown in the screenshot to find the gateway owner then contact him/her. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu