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Remove Cloud Data Source (Salesforce) - "Single Credentials per Data Source per User" Restriction

Hi Team, 

I have 2 reports in the workspace published by the same person with below configuration - 

1) a.pbix 

    Data Source - (a instance)

    Username - a123

2) b.pbix

    Data Source - (b instance)

    Username - b123


Once b.pbix is published, it overwrites the credentials of first report - a.pbix which connects to a different instance using the same URL. 

After doing some research, I found this note within documentation - 

Each user can only have one set of credentials per data source, across all of the data sets they own...


Not sure why is this an expected behaviour. Apart from Salesforce, there are other cloud platforms which provides single URL to different instances based on user login. 


Please help to overcome this issue. 

Status: New
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