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Relative Date not showing in Slicer visualization ... (Power BI service)

Starting on/around Dec 13/14 my date slicer (set to drop down) is not displaying in the Power BI Service the same way it is displayed in Power BI desktop.


I have tried republishing the report multiple times.

If I expand the visualization in the Service I see that the drop down date slicer has turned into a slider bar (between) slicer.


The date slicer is intentionally small form, but this mean the user cannot change the slicer property.


DateSlicer - PowerBI Desktop.jpgDate Slicer in DesktopDateSlicer - PowerBI Service.jpgDate Slicer in Service

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Hi @Anonymous,


I tested on my side, the dropdown list slicer in Power BI desktop still display in dropdown mode after publishing to Power BI service. 




In your scenario, please update your Power BI desktop to the latest version as ours then republish the report again. If issue persists, would you mind share pbix file with us? You can upload it to your Onedrive and send the share link to me via private message. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi there,


I believe I am using the latest version of PBI Desktop.

Version: 2.65.5313.701 64-bit (December, 2018)


I noticed something interesting today.

When I published the report to My Workspace the date parameter behaves correctly, however when I publish it to a corporate workspace, I see the behaviour i previously described.


I am unsure if I can share the report with you as it includes sensitive information.




Hi @Anonymous,


Is "corporate workspace" old workspace version or new preview version? 


You can use some dummy data to create a small report to check if the issue is related to specific report. If the same issue occurs, you can share this pbix file with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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