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Relative Date Slicer: Can't Click on Slicer Options (Issue Occuring Again)

The following issue from last year recently appeared in my Power BI report. I was able to use my keyboard as a work around per last year's "idea" thread but I have many stakeholders who use their mouse to navigate through my report.  Can you please assist?


When I create a Relative Date Slicer on Power BI Desktop it works, i.e. if I click on the drop down for Last / Next / This I can choose something.  When I publish that and access the report via my browser, while I can click on the drop and and see the value, I cannot select Last / Next / This.  The same applies to the drop down for Weeks / Months / etc.


Desktop Slicer.PNGDesktop slicer: this worksOnline Slicer.PNGOnline slicer: this doesn't allow mouse click selection

Status: New

Hi @shampton


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue.

Which browser do you run has the issue? Please try the Chrome browser as ours to test if the same issue occurs. 

Also you can test with our sample report to see if the same issue happens. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu