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Relative Date Filtering not taking proper date part into consideration (all options behave as "days"



ever since upgrading to November 2018 release, any relative date filters in filter cards (page, report level) behave as if only number of days could be specified, despite toggling through all the options (year, month, calendar month, week, ...). In the screenshot below, you can see that instead of calendar months, it filters for last 3 days.


Relative date slicer issue.png

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Im having the same issue

Community Support

Hi @lehuok@Chandler,


I tested with the latest Power BI desktop version 2.64.5285.741 but not reproduce the issue. Please update your desktop to this version then test it again. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Advocate II

Hello, thanks for your response,


I'm on November 2018 but version is different: 2.64.5285.582 64-bit (November 2018).


I'm confused, does it mean there are several releases between the monthly releases of Power BI desktop? How many different versions underneath same month is there normally?
Is there a list of these somewhere?





Advocate II

Ok, tested the latest Novermber 2018 desktop version, and now it's ok. Please let me know if there is a bugfix version overview somewhere, so that I could check before submitting an issue, thanks.

Community Support

Hi @lehuok,


I'm afraid there is no such public article/blog to list fixed bugs in each Power BI desktop version. 


You can subscribe Power BI blog to know the latest Power BI desktop release: 


You can also run Power BI desktop store version which is updating automatically:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu