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Relative Date Filtering complete including today


This filter is not filtering last  5 months including day. I am not looking for completed months but total of 5 month which includes today, which means 4 completed months and current month including today.


Relative Date filtering.PNGits does not filter last 6 months but last 180 days


Charles Thangaraj

Status: New

Hi @Technowolf


For relative date filtering mode, it works like below: 


If we select Months from that list, and input 2 in the middle setting, the following would happen: if today is July 20th, the data included in visuals constrained by the slicer would show data for the previous two months, starting on May 20th and going through July 20th (today's date).


In comparison, if we selected Months (Calendar), the visuals constrained would show data from May 1st through June 30th (the last two complete calendar months).


For your requirement, it's not supported to achieve it currently. You need to go to Basic Filtering or Advanced Filtering mode to specify date range manually. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu