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Relationships between tables and PowerBI crash SQLDUMPER.exe

Hello everyone, 


Since the new December version has been released, I keep having crashes of Power BI over and over trying to link two tables... 


As soon as I want to create the link (drag and dropping a dimiension to a table to another table) the windows terminal opens with SQLDUMPER.exe and close/crash Power BI.


I have never experienced this before the last release.


Thank you for your help

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Was using march 2019 update, my desktop application went comletely down while joining to table. No erros displayed or anything.


Uninstalled March 2019 update and then installed December 2018 update.

Started getting the same error as everyone while joining with some tables, which was not the case earlier when I was using Decemeber 2018 update to join the same tables.

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I had the same issue. I was able to work around it, by editing the model and removing all but the collumns I needed for joining the tables. Then I joined the tables and removed the step that removed the other collumns.


I don't yet know which collumns created the problem in the first place yet.