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Relationships being created when opening pbix file

since the new update, I have been having to rework my data model when using the desktop file due to new, incorrect relationships being added every time I open the file. For example, it will make a bidirectional relationship between the row id in my sales fact table with the customer key in my customer table. It isn't just one table. It seems to add them willy nilly while simultaneously rearranging my data model diagram.

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Hi @kcantor,


Sorry for the in convenience. I can't reproduce your issue. Perhaps one time but never again. It's a SQL Server database in my test, which has many PKs and FKs. I imported it and deleted some relationships. It never showed up error like yours when refreshing the model or reopening the file. 

Could you please share some information that I can use to reproduce?

1. What's your data source?

2. What's the connection model? Import or Direct Query?

3. When will this reoccur?


IMPORTANT: there is new version for PBI November (2.52.4921.581 64-bit (November 2017)). Please check it out and upgrade PBI if needed.


Best Regards!


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