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Relationship Display is not saving changes

Is the relationships display in Desktop supposed to save the current position.  In other words, if I drag the hierarchy the way that I want, isn't it supposed to save it?  I seem to get constant issues where I clean up the display only to come back in and it is all hosed up.  Sometimes it seems to save it properly.  What am I missing? I had the one below all nicely laid out and then come back in later and it is all messed up per below.


Relationship Display.PNG

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@dcresp I  do not think resolution has anything to do with it. I get it on my laptop and on my big machine as well.


Any sign that this has been fixed with the Feb release of PBI Desktop?

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This is a highly annoying issue that I too haven't managed to resolve


I save my tables in the desired layout then they reappear in a jumbled mess next time I open the file


Any ideas?


Unfortunately doesn't appear to be fixed in Feb 2018 release.


Have a complex model that keeps resetting its relationship diagram. Has done for the past three desktop releases.

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I'm just posting to add to the list of people with this problem. 


Power BI is driving me mad in all sorts of ways (both this error and the one described here today) - I wish I'd never argued for my organisation to introduce it.



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I am still only seeing this when I haven't used a data model in more than a week.

But not in all models I haven't used.  Still can not repro



This issue is driving me nuts and making setting up data models very difficult. Please, Microsoft we need an urgent fix to this issue. Just as I think a file is stable and this problem has gone away I look and the data model is a mess again. I still can't figure out what triggers the issue though. Please find a fix for this most serious bog in PBI. 

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I agree that this is incredibly frustrating. As soon as I have my nice tree set up, the next day it is all out of whack.

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Just want to point out that I have never had this happen in PowerPivot. This is definately a PowerBI only problem.


 @v-jiascu-msft can you let us know if there is any sign of a fix for this bug in the March Desktop release. For many of us, this is the most serious bug currently in PBI and makes development work really difficult. Please find a fix for this soon.