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Refresh error: Underlying error messageInformation is needed in order to combine data

Why do I keep getting this error on refresh in Power Bi Service? The issue does not occur when I refresh in Power BI Desktop. I am merging two queries into a new query which then I load and use in the report. See error below and kindly advise:

Something went wrong
Unable to connect to the data source undefined.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Underlying error code: -2147467259 Table: CLTSPreTriggerSurveyView.
Underlying error message: Information is needed in order to combine data
DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult: -2147467259
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.MashupSecurityException.DataSources: [{"kind":"Web","path":""},{"kind":"Web","path":""}]
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.MashupSecurityException.Reason: PrivacySetting
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 3ebbbced-48a9-4837-b9f8-79a8a7d0f53e
Request ID: 9412cd8d-606d-f623-9968-80360c77d254
Time: 2019-04-15 19:58:41Z
Status: Needs Info
Community Support Team

Hi @chaiwa ,


What types of data source were loaded into desktop? If removing the merged step, does error persist when refreshing in service?


Since there existing two kinds of data source in a single dataset, did you add both of them into data gateway?


Besides, please update data gateway to the latest one and set Privacy Level to Organizational for a test. 


Best regards,

Yuiana Gu

Community Support Team
Status changed to: Needs Info